26/11: Indian Americans demonstrate outside Pakistan Consulate in New York

Indian Americans & South Asian Diaspora marked the 14th anniversary of the heinous 26/11 Mumbai Terror attacks by organizing protests in front of the Pakistan Consulate in New York located at 12E 65th street. The protest started around noon on November 26 and lasted for two hours. About 15-20 persons protested and shouted slogans against Pak-ISI-sponsored terrorism and organized attacks by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in the financial capital of India. They called upon the world powers to unite to root out terrorism. 

Protestors also shamed China for abusing its veto power to thwart UN Resolutions at the behest of Pakistan to shelter international terrorists. 

On this occasion, demonstrations also took place in front of the Pakistan Consulate in Houston, Chicago, Washington and Pakistan Community Centre in New Jersey. 

LED vans could be seen around prominent locations showing clips and photographs of victims of the 26/11 attacks and the blatant role of Pakistan in abetting and nurturing terrorist groups. Messages were also displayed in front of the UNHQ, at the busy tourist junction of Times Square, Coney Island, Jackson Height and the Brooklyn area in New York

Jagdish Sewhani, President of The American India Public Affairs committee said that terrorism is not only the problem of India, but it is the problem of the whole world. We all should come together and fight this menace of terrorism. Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism and state sponsor of terrorism. The culprits of 26/11 are still moving freely in Pakistan, they must be brought to justice. 

Sewhani also paid tribute to security forces and people who lost their lives in this deadliest terrorist attack in the history of independent India. He said that we are proud of our security forces. 

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