Saturday, September 23, 2023

Editorial Complaints

Worldwide News Group takes all complaints and concerns regarding its editorial content very seriously.

We are fully committed to abide by the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO) regulations and rules, and the Editors’ Code of Practice enforced by IPSO.

Please submit your complaint to Editor- Julia Lauren at [email protected]

Complaints details

If you want to submit a complaint under the terms of the Editors’ Code, enforced by IPSO, you can email us at [email protected]

Editorial Complaints Policy

  1. This policy is in connection with all complaints lodged within the terms of Editor’s Code.
  2. The Worldwide News Group is committed to handling of all complaints promptly and efficiently.
  3. The Worldwide News Group will acknowledge all complaints promptly.
  4. We might need to contact you in case we need more information to understand and resolve your complaint.
  5. In case we are of the opinion that your complaint doesn’t require investigation—for example if we think the complaint didn’t breach the Editor’s code—then we’ll inform you of our opinion and reasons behind it.
  6. Wherever appropriate, the Worldwide News Group will try its utmost best to resolve a complaint to your full satisfaction.
  7. In case we were unable to resolve your complaint or you don’t agree with our judgment that the complaint didn’t breach the Editor’s code, you can register your complaint with IPSO.