Impossible to isolate Russia from rest of the world: Putin

New York: Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that it was “impossible” to cut Russia from the rest of the world and that Western sanctions would not reverse Moscow’s decades of progress. Putin had ordered his troops to invade Ukraine in February earlier this year. In response, several countries across the globe imposed sanctions on Russia, designed to isolate the nation from the global economy.

Speaking at a video conference with government figures, the Kremlin leader, therefore, said, “We understand that this is a major challenge to our country, however, we are not going to lose heart or have decades of our progress reversed, despite predictions from a number of our ill-wishers, the opposite is true,” as quoted by the Tass news agency.

Putin further went on to note the “huge amount of obstacles” Russia is being put up with, and said that the nation will now be looking for “new solutions” while making effective use of its own technological capacities available in the country.

“It is clear that this is a huge challenge for our country, but… we are not going to give up and stay in a state of disarray or, as some of our ‘well-wishers’ predict, go back decades. Of course not,” he said. “And it’s also clear that we cannot and will not live in isolation from the rest of the world,” the Russian president pledged.

Putin stressed that Russia cannot be isolated from the rest of the globe. While outlining top priority tasks, he stated, “Obviously, we cannot develop in isolation from the rest of the world. And we won’t. It is impossible in the present-day world to merely issue a decree and erect a huge fence. It is simply impossible.”

As Putin slammed the attempts to destroy Russia’s economy, he pushed for domestic manufacturing and development of end-to-end technologies within the nation and a halt to foreign exports, Tass reported.

Image courtesy of (Photo: Wikimedia)