Nepal says it will make all efforts to bring home youths recruited in the Russian Army

Kathmandu: Nepal’s Foreign Minister N P Saud said that the government will make all efforts to bring home the Nepalese youths who were recruited into the Russian Army through illegal channels.

Hundreds of Nepalese nationals are said to have joined the Russian Army since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on February 24, 2022. So far, 12 Nepalese nationals have lost their lives while fighting the Russia-Ukraine war from Moscow’s side.

Interacting with the families of the Nepalese nationals who joined the Russian Army, Saud said that the Nepalese youth should not have gone to Russia through illegal channels, but even then the government will not run away from its responsibility and bring them back to their homeland. “The government will leave no stone unturned to bring back its nationals from Russia,” he said.

The Nepalese government is making all efforts in its capacity through its embassy in Russia to avail treatment and rescue of those injured in the war and bring back the bodies of deceased ones, the foreign minister’s secretariat quoted him as saying.

So far, the government has received applications from the families of 244 Nepalese nationals who have joined the Russian Army, including those missing, Saud said. Saud also requested people not to exaggerate the number of Nepalese nationals recruited in the Russian Army to avoid confusion. He said the government was in touch with the Russian side and discussing the repatriation of Nepalese nationals from Russia.

Image courtesy of X@NPSaudnc